Excuses, Excuses: Szczesny Blames ‘High’ Defensive Line For Kane Wonder-Goal

  • Tuesday 23rd July, 2019
Look how icy cold Sarri’s water bottle is – lovely. Just how we like it here at 2020Tottenham

At a press conference earlier today ahead of Juventus’ International Champions Cup clash with Inter Milan tomorrow, Juve goalkeeper Szczesny has brushed off Kane’s Sunday wonder-goal, attributing it to the ongoing development of a high defensive line at Juventus:

“Playing with a high line… changes the role of the goalkeeper because you have to help the team with balls further afield. We still need to find the right balance, but we’re working on it.”

Finding ‘the right balance’ is a bit of understatement – as Kane notes:

“In parts of the game the ‘keeper quite was far off the line so I thought if I get the chance the chance to shoot I’ll shoot.”

It remains to be seen quite what Szczesny was trying to achieve with his positioning; being so far off his line for so much of the match suggests that it was either a fundamental tactical error, complacency or arrogance on the part of the former Arsenal man – or likely a combination of all three, with pre-season enthusiasm perhaps playing a factor if we’re being charitable. But when you’re up against a team with the attacking proclivities of this Tottenham side, and specifically a World Cup Golden Boot winner with the tenacity and vision of Kane, you really shouldn’t be taking such liberties.

All in all, Szczesny’s remarks (excuses, if you prefer) don’t seem to hold much weight; it’s notable that Kane didn’t find the same fault with Buffon, who Szczesny replaced at half-time – perhaps the two goalkeepers got a different memo from new Juve boss Sarri regarding just how high a defensive line they should be keeping. Now that would have been a better excuse. ⚽

A close-up of that pure icicle of a water bottle – just in case you missed it. ‘Cool’ stuff from the Juve press conference

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